A New Beginning. Von Second Function

music video, 2011


Extract from the lyrics 

My life was here but now it’s gone

Was it right or was it wrong?

Once again I walk alone

And my doubts fade away


The Zurich based Band Second Function have chosen "A New Beginning" for the first single release from their second album "Dry, crisp & bittersweet". For this rock song what we have shot a clip. It's about the fight and peace of transformation. So we created a place, where one can get a new beginning facing its biggest obstacles. 


Music: Second Function

Cast: Flo Bühler, Sascha Wydler, Lukas Jundt, Heidi Hiestand, Colin Ferris, Valérie Schneider, Yannick Schmuki, Lejla Müller

Director: Simon Helbling & Oliver Schmuki

Written by: Simon Helbling & Oliver Schmuki

Director of Photography: Andi Meyer

Set Design: Felicitas Dagostin

Costume Design: Carola Bachmann

Gaffer: Markus Brunn

Make-Up Artist: Tristan Eckert & Katharina Kroll

Editor: Odine Corallo

Color Grading: Dominic Frei

Soundmix: Christoph Binder 


Shot in Zurich, Postproduction in Zurich