Apocalypse. The Theatre

Play, 2009 

Extract from the play:

Angelus Novus: No one. No one in heaven, on earth or in the realm of the deaths can see his signs. Now it happens. The hour is here. What a roar afterwards.


We've put the Revelations of John on stage at the University of Fribourg. With the translation "The A and the O" from Walter Jens, we have found an excellent basis for the text. With playwright Maja Tschumi and students from the University we created a world, which is as overloaded and cracked as the Revelations are. At a time, in which a dictatorship of health by the ICRC rules the world, a small group of "exercisers, continously excercisers" resists against the ICRC and the devil. They try to overcome their enemies with exercises, escalations of fear, grimaces of intellectual discussions and love and survive countless catastrophes and the standstill of time. With Johns heart full of hope they can finally free themselves by harvesting his heart and building a new Jersusalem.


The play has been published by Reinhardt Verlag with a prescript from Giorgio Agamben. 


Cast: Martin Brüske, Salome Wüllner, Jonas Singer, Patrick Hischier, Anna Maria Fuchs, Mirjam Hausheer, Matthias Jenal, Jacqueline Nellen, Priska Rainer, Ariane Schmidt, Dominique Steiger, Vera Urweider, Nazar Zatorskij, Andy Meyer, Anton Schumann, Salvatore Greco und der Stimme von Yannick Schmuki

Director: Simon Helbling

Written by: Maja Tschumi und Simon Helbling

Music: Jonas Singer

Stage concept: Markus Brunn & Simon Helbling

Lighting Design: Markus Brunn

Costume Design: Marie-Louise Beyeler

Camera: Andi Meyer

Editor: Laura Poisson

Assistant director: Sandro Bizozzero  


Aula Magna, Fribourg