For the sea, which is a shining desert

Short, 9', 2016

"For the sea, which is a shining desert" is selected for the Mobile Motion Film Festival 2017  as finalist in the category "Fiction Short".

This unique event took place in Zurich on the 27th and 28th May.


Extract from the script:

Ext. The sea. Day

Sun. Sea.

They drift in their rubber boat, lost in the endless expanse. Both bodies rest limply at the edge of the boat.

Two men on a rubber boat, lost in the waste, endless sea. No water, no food and no glimpse of hope. Inevitably the boat sinks. Two men and only one lifejacket.

Cast: Salvatore Greco, Simon Helbling

Director: Simon Helbling

Written by: Simon Helbling

Director of Photography: Andi Meyer

Costume Design: Carola Bachmann Helbling

Editor: Luca Faes

Shot in Fregene Rome, Postproduction in Zurich