Short, 10', 2016

Extract from the script:

Hans: "Who I am, this isn't that easy to answer."

Gaby: "In this case you can do an I.F.V.V."

Hans: "A what again?"

Hans visits the passport office in order to renew his ID card. A silly comment transforms his simple ID renewal into a identity identification confirmation procedure -  the official confirms his identity, but in order to validate this confirmation, her supervisor needs to confirm her identity too, and to validate this confirmation, the supervisor of the supervisor needs to... In the end, Hans has to step with his ID renewal in front of god - but god is also waiting for a confirmation. 

Cast: Juri Elmer, Ariane Pochon, Yannick Schmuki, Rose Schudel und Francesca Tappa

Director: Simon Helbling

Written by: Simon Helbling

Director of Photography: Andi Meyer

Production Sound Mixer: Nadine Häusler

Costume Design: Carola Bachmann Helbling

Editor: Luca Faes

Production Manager: Jasmin Helbling

Camera Assistant: Mohammad Al-Tahan

Continuity, Clapperboard: Hilal Al-Tahan 

Shot in Rüti, Postproduction in Zurich