Paulus. The event 

Play, 2014

Extract from the play:

Karloff: We aren't more enlightened as people have been in the past centuries. We are not more civilized, no, Ladies and Gentlemen, we are more efficient. Why? We gained control over the sweat-class. We tamed them. 

For the 125th anniversary of the University of Fribourg I developed with playwright Maja Tschumi and students from the University of Fribourg a staging about Paul. The play is based on Pauls letters and Alain Badious "The event of Antiochia". Badiou says "In the end, Paul himself teaches us, that neither signs of power nor exemplary curriculum vitae are of any importance, but the power of a conviction - here, now and forever."


Cast: Tobias Alberts, Oliver Dürr, Sarah Getzmann, Cathy Hirzel, Tabea Kunz, Valérie Lüthi, Nicolas Matter, Timo Mayer, Benjamin Oester, Melanie Ruchti, Noah Schär, Volker Stöckmann

Director: Simon Helbling 

Written by: Simon Helbling & Maja Tschumi

Assistant director: Joel Gerber

Stage design: Felicitas Dagostin

Costume design: Carola Bachmann Helbling

Music: Christoph Binder

Lighting design: Markus Brunn 

Make-Up artist: Donia Zorgui


Location Regina Mundi Chapel, Fribourg