Sigi & Rolf

Webseries, 18 x 5', 2012 

Extract from the script:

Sigi: So peaceful. Golfing, it is a calm, a peaceful sport. Very quiet. Senza rumore, right. No wife, no business - nothing. It's like meditating. Nothing happens. 


Sigi, branch manager of a mattress trade, and his accountant Rolf are passionate golfers. Sigi is an extroverted optimist, who thinks he can win but actually plays worse than his bookkeeper, and Rolf, the introverted pessimist, who always wins. To these characters we wrote a script for 18 holes. The two are accompanied on their golfing by a camera crew, who shoots a documentary about golfers. Under these special circumstances they have not only the rivalry around the hole in the focus, but also must protect themselves from embarrassments that are filmed. But that does not work so well - the two fall from the rain into the eaves (and then kind of from the eaves to the pond, into the lake, into the ocean, into the water barrier).


Cast: Juri Elmer, Yannick Schmuki, Isabel Florido 

Director: Simon Helbling 

Written by: Simon Helbling

Director of Photography: Andi Meyer

Music: Jonas Bühler

Costume Design and Make-Up Artist: Yasmina Elmer

Production Sound Mixer: Matthias Weidmann 

Assistant director: Luca Schläpfer

Editor: Odine Corallo 

Postproduction: Laura Poisson 

Photography: Phil Müller 


Shot at golf course Goldenbeg, Postproduction in Zug