Twisted. Flink

music video, 2011    

Extract from the lyrics 

Everything’s erratic

Look what they've done to us

Each time we try

Each time we come back and fight 


The band Flink from Lucerne sing in "Twisted" about the disaster of a failing relationship. We made one aspect of it especially big, the phenomenon that sometimes the one characteristic we like the most in the beginning of a relationship, turns into a nightmare. For example "you are so independent" turns into "you never take care about my needs". And we realized this with a twist in "Twisted", by taking the sentence "I feel comfy with you" all to literal and so we turned the protagonist into a mattress.


Music: Flink

Cast: Adi Schmid, Hannes Herger, Martin Brabec, Jonathan Winkler, Yannick Schmuki, Noémi Besedes, Jonas Wydler, Julia Wydler, Fabienne Hubmann, Dominik Wyser

Directors: Simon Helbling & Oliver Schmuki 

Written by: Simon Helbling & Oliver Schmuki

Director of Photography: Andi Meyer

Set Design: Felicitas Dagostin

Costume Design: Carola Bachmann

Gaffer: Michael Grob

Make-Up artist: Katja Fähndrich

Regieassistenz: Tobias Stücheli

Editor: Odine Corallo

Postproduction: Daryl Hefti

Sound Mix: Christoph Binder 


Shot in Lucerne, Postproduction in Zurich