as if by fire. Based on Edzard Schaper

Play, 2008    

Based on Edzard Schapers radioplay "The Fire of Christ. Life and Death of Jan Hus"

Extract from the play:

Poggio: I never saw a man die like this Jan Hus.


Jan Hus - loved by the people, feared by the clerics, betrayed by the king, scorched by the council. During the Council of Constance, the longest party of the 15th century, the church tried to ban the dangerous ideas of Jan Hus. But he insisted on his truth and was condemned.  


Between truth and madness, necessary politics and intrigues, intimate and staged believe is it hard, to point out guilt. It is possible, Jan Hus wanted to be killed, since it seemed to be the only honest way. A man, who has found his truth, who can precisely justify his decisions and wont be distracted by any humiliation, argument, compromise. A mad man or a genius? Consequent or stubborn? Holy or naive? 

The adaptation has been published by Reinhardt Verlag in Germand and by Kant in Czech.

Cast: Martin Brüske, Barbara Hallensleben, Ruedi Imbach, Dieter Hattrup, Martin Andereggen, Marie-Lousie Beyeler, Judith Greber, Nina Menghini, Raphael Grunder, Jacqueline Nellen, Patrick Schafer, Salome Wuellner, Nazar Zatorskyy

Director: Simon Helbling

Original text by: Edzard Shaper

Playwright: Simon Helbling

Music: Thom Luz

Stage Design: Martin Andereggen

Costume: Carla Caminati

Lighting Design: Markus Brunn

Assistant director: Michael Müller  

Aula Magna, Fribourg